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Going Green!Total Comfort can install energy saving lighting systems in your home or business.
Lighting Layout and DesignTotal Comfortcan bring your home to light.
Security LightingFeel safe at homeby installing security lighting from Total Comfort.

Electrical Lighting Installation Port Orange

Electrical Lighting by Total Comfort
parking lot light installation in ormond beach, fl

Port Orange Parking Lot Lighting Installation

Parking lots are one of the best places to install LED retrofit. This is because the difficulty to access the lights and the cost of lighting the parking lot. If your looking to upgrade your parking lot lighting in Port Orange, call the lighting experts today at Total Comfort. We have all of the equipment, knowledge, and experienced lighting technicians to bring your parking lot to life at the highest effeciency possible.

Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a large role in home's physical security. A well lit home will defer criminals or intruders. At Total Comfort, we can plan, install, and repair your current security lighting for your home or business in Port Orange. We have many options such as LED, motion sensors, flood lights, and also solar powered lights. Contact us today at 386-222-2182 so we can find the best option for your security.

Energy Efficient Lighting:

LED lighting is much smaller and more efficient lighting option. LED is advancing quickly and more options are always becoming available. At first, the cost of LED lighting systems will be higher, but they will also last a lot longer than any other lighting applications. With LEDs constantly developing, the price is dropping year by year.

LED'slast 10 times longer than fluorescents

LED'sare extremely durable

LED's stay cool and are resistant to heat buil up.

LED's are mercury free

LED's use 2-17 watts of electricity

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