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Gas Grills by Total Comfort

Total Comfort Gas sells top quality outdoor grills from R.H. Peterson, a company known for its state-of-the-art manufactured product lines. R.H. Peterson makes a large investment in the people they hire so they can ensure ongoing quality assurance in their products. The outdoor grill product lines R.H. Peterson manufactures includes:

FireMagic® Grills

R.H. Peterson manufactures FireMagic® grills which include standalone and builtin grills allowing you the option to move your grill around or make it the center of entertainment for your friends and family. FireMagic also has accessories such as trash containers, refrigerators, beverage centers, doors and drawers, sideburners and cooking accessories.

American Outdoor Grills

R.H. Peterson's American Outdoor Grills® include many models and accessories to make special events with friends and families more special. AOG also has accessories such as sideburners and grill covers.

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