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Surge Protection Ponce Inlet

Surge Protection by Total Comfort

Why use Surge Protection?

If you have your televisions, computers, or other expensive appliances or gadgets plugged directly into a wall, you're shouldn't. They should always be plugged into a surge protector. There are power surges and power spikes that will damage your electronics permanetely. These can be caused by voltage increases from a problem at the power company, power outages, or lightning strikes.

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Ponce Inlet Surge Protection

Total Comfort has a large selection of surge protection systems for your home or business in Ponce Inlet. Surge protection systems will help decrease expensive downtime and safe guard electronics and appliancies from damages from lightning, utility switching, storms, and more.

SPD Series
SPD Series devices offer advanced surge protection for commercial and industrial applications by integrating directly into the electrical assembly.

SPC Series
The SPC Series provides robust surge protection in a compact, flexible design that’s configurable for a range of commercial or light industrial applications.

SPD MAX Series
These side-mount surge protective devices provide maximum safety, flexibility and protection at main service entrances using feeder tap rule applications.

CVX Series
CVX Series devices are designed for medium and low surge exposure levels, chemically aggressive environments and point-of-use applications.

SP1 Series
SP1 Series devices offer reliable, point-of-use and cost-effective surge protection in a small footprint and with multiple mounting options.

SP2 Series
SP2 Series devices meet equipment surge protection needs in light commercial electrical systems and original equipment manufacturer applications.

AEGIS Series
The AEGIS Series combines superior line filtering and surge protection to protect critical equipment and power supplies

Eaton's retrofit surge protector series (RSP) provides a reliable, cost-effective, aftermarket solution for surge protection. Designed for ease of installation as an integrated device.

Innovative Technology solutions are designed to help solve your most difficult electrical challenges—enhancing safety, reliability and protection for sensitive electronic equipment.

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