Advisory – Heating Problems May be Caused by Utility Company Devices

FPL and many power companies have a program to save you money on your electric bill. In the case of FPL, the program is called “On-Call”. The program is designed to help FPL meet high demand for electricity during periods of peak usage that may occur during extreme weather. In exchange for a credit on your electric bill the utility company installs devices on equipment in your home or business that will allow the utility company to  turn that equipment off for varying periods of time during high demand periods. If one of these devices is installed on your heating and air conditioning system it can interrupt the heating or cooling of your home and may cause intermittent problems in the functioning of your thermostat. Normally, after the equipment is turned back on by the installed device, everything returns to proper functionality.

The program, as described above, and the temporary outages it causes are not the responsibility of Total Comfort to remedy at no charge. Total Comfort or other similar organizations are not allowed to modify the functioning of these devices without the permission of the utility company. Any service calls performed by Total Comfort under these circumstances will incur a service call fee.

If you are enrolled in FPL’s program or a similar program we suggest you check the terms of your agreement and determine if it’s the right solution for you.

The FPL webpage that describes the program and some of the terms is located at


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