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Vote for Us – Star of the South

It’s time to choose your favorite service providers in the News Journal’s “Star of the South – 2017” voting.

This year Total Comfort is competing in the categories of air conditioning, electrician, LP gas, and plumbing. We’d appreciate your vote in all four. In order to do so you need to go to two different links as shown below. You will be asked to set up a login with an email address and password to vote. If you voted in previous “Star of the South” voting, you’ll be able to use that same email and password.


Click here to vote for Total Comfort in Air Conditioning, Electrician, and LP Gas

Click here to vote for Total Comfort in Plumbing

In addition to Total Comfort, you can vote in several other categories to let everyone know the area businesses you prefer.

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Memorial Day

Although Memorial Day weekend traditionally signals the unofficial start of summer and the first long weekend of the year, its origins as a national holiday are more solemn. It originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868 to honor Union troops that died in the Civil War. Celebrated on different days and referred to by different names in the North and South, it wasn’t until sometime in the 20th century when the tradition merged into one day that honored all Americans who died in military service.

Memorial Day did not become the common name until after World War II, and was not declared the official name by federal law until 1967. On June 28, 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which moved four holidays, including Memorial Day, from their traditional dates to a specified Monday in order to create a convenient three-day weekend. The change moved Memorial Day from its traditional May 30 date to the last Monday in May.

As you’re enjoying the weekend please remember the reason for the day.

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Introducing Premium Drain Cleaning Service

Total Comfort Plumbing is proud to announce the addition of a Hot and Cold Water Jetting machine to compliment our line of plumbing services.

Our new Hot Jet III that’s powered by HotJetUSA in conjunction with before and after video views of your drain system provide  a complete and accurate assessment of your residential or commercial drainage system.

Cold water jetting does an excellent job of flushing lines and can move debris well but sometimes cold water can’t remove the grease build up. Hot water scours and breaks down the grease in pipes and combined with a patented degreasing agent, removes more grease buildup and blockages.

The equipment used in commercial and residential lines is very important. Total Comfort feels it uses the best equipment with specially engineered nozzles designed to scour the inside of pipes providing a cost-effective way of cleaning your pipes faster and with less mess.

Give us a call for an estimate for your drains today.

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Propane Filling Station – New Hours

Total Comfort’s Refill Station is open on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. So come on in for propane cylinder refill service available on Saturdays until further notice.

Also, please come by and see us for propane cylinder refills Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.


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May is Zombie Awareness Month

As you know, May is Zombie Awareness Month and this is an ideal time to start thinking about preventive measures that may help avoid some of the possible dangers that zombies can pose.

Installing a standby generator for your home or business can prevent disruptions caused by zombie attacks on the power grid. Total Comfort can provide complete installation of standby generators along with installation of a propane gas system to fuel them.

Some research suggests that ultra-violet light can be used as an effective weapon against zombies. Total Comfort offers installation of UV lights that can be incorporated into your duct work and offers a layer of protection.

If you’ve purchased other zombie deterrents that may require installation, Total Comfort provides complete air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and propane service that could be of assistance.

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