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We Need Help

We need skilled help for Duct Cleaning, Electrical, AC Service, AC Installation, and Plumbing. We have competitive pay, good benefits, and have been in business since 1976. If you know anyone with experience in any of these areas have them call or go on-line to and complete an application.

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Journeyman Electricians Needed

Our electrical division has been expanding and we need journeyman electricians. If you’re an electrician or know an electrician that would like to come to work for an established company that offers competitive wages and a benefit package.

Come by, email us, or fill out an online application at

Work close to home with no travelling involved.  You can also call 386-944-0858 and ask for Michelle.

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Nightlight Seats


KOHLER toilet seats with Nightlight help guide you safely and comfortably, even on the darkest nights.

Kohler Nightlight

The dual LED lighting on Nightlight is designed to provide optimal light intensity for guidance without disturbing your nighttime vision. No need to flip a switch and brace yourself for the harsh bathroom light that stuns your sleepy eyes.

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