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Memorial Day May 26th

Memorial Day traces its origins back to 1866 in Waterloo, NY when Civil War veterans marched to local cemeteries to decorate the graves of fellow soldiers who did not survive.  Two years later it was recognized nationwide as Decoration Day and in 1967 it was officially renamed Memorial Day.

So as you are outside celebrating the unofficial start to summer on Monday, take time to remember the more than one million military members who died in battle for the United States.

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Water Heater Options

Heating water can account for up to 20% of the annual energy bill in the average home.  Total Comfort offers several options to help with your water heating needs.

  • Traditional Storage-Tank Style Heaters:

Available in electric & gas models.  These options will have a lower up front cost, but they are the least efficient of the three options which results in a higher annual energy cost.

  • Tank-less Heaters:

Typically installed for a gas setup.  These smaller units produce hot water on demand.  They have a higher initial cost, but save money on annual energy costs due to not constantly needing to heat a tank of water.  The higher initial cost is also offset by a longer average lifespan (more than 20 years versus 6-12 years for a traditional tank model).  Additionally, they eliminate the risk of a tank failure causing water damage in the home.

  • Heat pump Heaters:

Available in electric models.  These units will have two to three times the efficiency of a traditional electric storage-tank heater resulting in the lowest annual energy costs of the three options.  It has higher initial costs and requires a larger area for the installation (at least 1000 cubic feet of surrounding air), but these can take a serious dent out of your annual energy bills.

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