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Energy Efficiency


With the latest Florida Building Code, energy efficiency is more important than ever. In addition to high efficiency air conditioning and heating systems many builders and home owners are starting to use “Heat Pump Water Heaters”. Although substantially more expensive than conventional electric water heaters, many of these water heaters are two and one half times more energy efficient than their straight electric counterparts. Some of them will also supply some minimal cooling for the room they’re located in. At least one progressive builder in our area has started incorporating them into all of their new homes beginning with contracts signed on or after July 1st.

With energy efficiency in mind Total Comfort suggests that you get Florida Power and Light or Progress Energy to come out to your home and evaluate its energy efficiency. Both companies have programs that will do things like testing your duct leakage, evaluate your insulation, and look at other points of energy savings in your home. The cost is extremely reasonable and both offer rebates on your power bills to help cover some of the costs of energy efficient improvements. There may also be programs available for your business to start improving its energy efficiency.

Installation of efficient plumbing fixtures is a way to save water and energy. A few local water suppliers such as the City of Ormond Beach will give their customers a $50.00 rebate each for installing up to two water efficient toilets in their homes. The rebate with Ormond comes in the form of credits on your water bills. In addition to the credits these toilets can sometimes pay for themselves in savings in less than a year. There are also water efficient faucets and shower heads that can be installed to save even more water.

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Thunderstorms – Are you prepared during a Power Surge?

Outside the sun is shinning, children are playing water games, down the street folks are walking their dogs, and of course the afternoon thunderstorms are beginning to arrive.   In Florida, thunderstorms are marked by during rain, lightning, hail, and strong gusts of winds; which can result in the dreaded power outage.

Total Comfort offers surge protection to help keep your family comfortable during those awful power outages which can last hours or in worst cases, days.

Surge Protection 101

If you’re wondering what can happen to your electronic devices during a surge (if you are not protected) it can depend on the particular voltage, but marginal parts fail and die, the device may let through more energy than they should, and in some cases, electrical devices can catch on fire.

With Total Comfort surge protectors you can shield your valuable computer and other electronic devices from surges in electrical power.  Surge protectors can also protect telephone and cable lines as these also carry electric current.

When selecting a Surge Protector, consider the following:

  • Number of outlets: Determine how many items you will be plugging into your surge suppressor, and purchase one with at least as many outlets as you expect to need.
  • Level of Protection: The industry standard for measuring electrical energy is Joules. A surge protector’s Joule Rating tells you how much energy the surge protector can absorb before it fails. A higher number indicates greater protection.
  • What will you plug in: Home electronics, computers, office equipment and workbench tools have different protection needs.

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