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Heat Pumps Defrost When It Gets Cold

As colder weather sets in, your heat pump system will start operating in the heating mode. When it does this and it’s a cold day, the outside unit’s coil will accumulate frost and will have to go into a defrost mode. When this happens, the compressor stays on but the fan motor stops. Refrigerant is run through the coil to melt the ice. When this occurs, steam will come off the top and sides of the outside unit and water will start to drip at the bottom. At this time the compressor will hum. Everything is perfectly normal and it will stay like this for varying lengths of time depending on the outside temperature. During this time the heat pump portion of the system will not be able to deliver much heat to your living area and you may have to use the emergency heat setting on your thermostat if the heating elements don’t come on automatically.

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